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Garland designs, manufactures and markets a full line of commercial ranges, ovens, griddles, grillsand commercial counter top cooking equipment. As cooking equipment innovators, Garland has shown how innovation can lead to radical improvements that save operators time and money. Garland proudly presents its latest innovation, the award-winning Garland Restaurant Range Series. This state-of-the-art range allows chefs to concentrate on their culinary creativity and productivity instead of clean-up and maintenance. The best-in-class durability offers flexibility, accuracy and balance with an expanded cooktop and redesigned thermostatic griddle.

The latest Garland cooking equipment meets the demand for Accelerated Cooking in smaller convenient dining establishments with larger menus. The Total Kitchen Island Suite maximizes the workflow while theXpress Grill makes 2-sided grilling a reality. For ultra-fast bake cycles, the Air-Deck offers independently controlled top and bottom forced air impingement. These Garland innovations help operators attack production from both sides
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