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Sveba Dahlin
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Sveba-Dahlen develops, markets and produces ovens for professional baking, and also provides a complete range of ancillary bakery equipment for all types of bakeries, large and small. Right from the start in 1948 Sveb a- D ahlen has lead the development of baking ovens. A big sales success is the Classic deck oven series which has been spread in large quantities all over the world. Also the pizza version has become tremendously popular. In 1964 th e rotating rack oven was invented, which changed the way baking was made. These days there is a rack oven in just about every bakery.

Apart from deck and rack ovens Sveba-Dahlen also produces electrical and gas-fired tunnel ovens , provers, retarder-provers and freezer-provers. In every area of baking technology, development has been continually pushed forward in technology, energy, method, research and experience. A decade after the company was founded in 1948, Sveba-Dahlen started to export. Since long Sveba-Dahlen has been operating in a large number of markets and countries all over the world. Marketing is done via about 50 distributors with sales offices strategically located where the markets are. Amongst others Sveba-Dahlen has its own office and show room in Hong Kong, where all types of ovens and accessories are on display. The factory in Fristad 10 km north Borås. Marketing is carried out in the same way all over the world, high-class ovens and accessories plus very close, flexible contacts for all matters, large and small. The company´s exceptional service-mindedness shows up in deliveries, installations, commissioning and subsequent operations.
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