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Rondo Doge
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For over 60 years now, RONDO has been developing and producing high-quality machines and installations for the production of pastry of all types. At our headquarters in Burgdorf, Switzerland, it is mainly machines for artisanal and semi-industrial production that are produced. Industrial installations are produced in Schio, Italy. A comprehensive service and sales network enables us to provide excellent customer care worldwide. Thousands of users worldwide, from the artisanal bakery to the industrial manufacturer, greatly appreciate RONDO’s reliability, consulting and support and the outstanding price/performance ratio.

RONDO stands for a valuable partnership with our customers. RONDO stands for the best in dough sheeting and shaping. RONDO stands for artisan production, automated production and industry. RONDO embodies our Italian culture, the Italianità, and our Swiss culture, the Swissness, bringing the successful combination of Swiss precision with Italian creativity. Rely on the unique combination of knowledge and experience in dough and technology that characterises RONDO.
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