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DIHR was established in Castelfranco Veneto (near Treviso, in north-eastern Italy) in 1985 as a distribution organization for the commercial kitchen business. After an initial study and investigation of the market, the Company built the first professional dishwasher in 1988. This event encouraged Company activity towards commercial utensil washing that soon became the core business and field of specialization of the company. DIHR’s initiatives and technical innovations have been such that many other companies have attempted to copy and imitate our products. Thanks to a complete product range of over 100 different models supplied in more than 3500 versions and the production of more than 35.000 dishwashers/year, today DIHR has become a well-respected leader in this industry throughout the world, including Asia and Oceania. Apart from the standard production range, DIHR can supply industrial machines for special applications, such as large kitchens, cruise ships and the bakery industry and other bespoke applications within the commercial sector.
The design, construction and trials of each machine are managed by a well-established and expert technical team, which guarantees a high and constant level of quality for every one of DIHR's products. DIHR machines have achieved the approval of 7 international patents and 9 Quality Marks, besides ISO 9001-VISION 2000 certification. Since 2003 DIHR has been part of one of the major multinational Groups in the catering business. Thanks to this partnership, DIHR’s equipment now contains state of the art components and the latest technological operating systems. This ongoing development is in co-operation with other companies of the Group within the Northern European Group and utilizes the most advanced test laboratories and the most skilled specialists. These efforts guarantee that DIHR has an excellent range of products, designed and built to work for many years and at very competitive prices. The motive of DIHR is based upon full Customer satisfaction, which has proven to be a winning strategy in long term.


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