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المورد : Kitchenaid

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Sifter and scale attachment, the all-in-one baking tool for handsfree, automatic sifting and weighing
- Easily gets consistent results by incorporating gradually sifted and weighted ingredients into the mixer bowl
- Accurately measures and properly sifts ingredients, as these are the first steps to obtain consistent mixing and high-quality baked goods
- Shortens prep and clean-up time, making it easy to achieve delicious, fluffy results batch after batch
•Integrated digital scale
Measures ingredients by weight for greater level of precision which are a critical part of baking success
Can also be used separately on the countertop with the included scale plate
Easy to use

Slowly incorporates ingredients gradually into the bowl while mixer is running for optimal results
Neatly funnels weighed and sifted ingredients into mixer bowl
Can also swivel to funnel ingredients into a separate container without spilling
To avoid countertop mess and dirty fewer dishes
• Compact storage case
To keep all parts in one place
For convenient, easy storage and quick access
• Designed exclusively to work with all
KitchenAid Stand Mixer Models

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