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المورد : Revol Porcelain

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Ranges pursuing the elegance and style of French tableware

Porcelain tableware and table decoration have perpetually contributed to the reputation of French gastronomy and the™ÿ

Revol brand™ÿhas been adding its influence for almost 250 years. Indeed, Revol craftspeople have been creating and producing porcelain tableware since 1768, designing pieces that are not only convenient for chefs but also a feast for the eyes. Revol is proud to showcase its Grands Classiques range and the qualities of its noble porcelain.™ÿ The must-have™ÿoval eared dish™ÿis undeniably part of this range. Try this dish, designed to prepare, bake and present your most delicious recipes. One dish only, created to optimise cooking time, thus saving your time and guaranteeing the desired result in front of your guests. Revolƒ??s oval eared dish is the answer to your fearless creativity, so be guided by the endless possibilities offered by this piece.

The oval eared dish, a traditional creation revisited by Revol!

This oval eared dish is a worthwhile piece for preparing your gratins or presenting egg-based dishes or green vegetables.™ÿ And Revol has redesigned it, in answer to todayƒ??s demands:

  • The oval eared dish,™ÿa must-have among the Revol ranges
  • One dish only for baking, preparing, serving and presenting your recipes,™ÿsimply perfect with a unique design
  • Comes in™ÿtraditional white, subtle faded pepper or cast-iron black,™ÿ3 colours bringing that extra touch to the elegance of your table presentation.
  • All the™ÿstrength of porcelain™ÿin an easy to clean, dishwasher safe dish.
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