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المورد : Revol Porcelain

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This square flat porcelain plate is from the Club collection. Ideal for main dishes, but also for starters, this porcelain plate by Revol is recommend for serving your most refined creations. The nobility and elegance of its curves will highlight your most exceptional dishes. The plate's narrow, rounded edge provides a wide area for presenting food and sturdiness in use, while helping to save vital space on the dining table. Its contemporary design is easy to adapt to your menus, your starters and season's desserts, without ever going out of fashion. The two rounded sides of this square plate soften its shape and make it sturdier. This handy dish can be used in the dishwasher, oven, microwave and also in the freezer. It is made of porcelain in white or black with a cast-iron effect for a warm and authentic style, and will not rust or wear out.

DIMENSIONS: 20.8 X 20 X 2.9 CM

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