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المورد : Revol Porcelain

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The porcelain flan dish, a must-have in the kitchen of the finest chefs

Be it a Lorraine or a vegetarian, the flan remains one of the specialities of French cuisine. Enjoy revisiting these recipes by allowing your creativity to run free. Not just for its content, but also for showcasing your recipes, both original and traditional, this porcelain flan dish by Revol is a definite must-have. Perfectly adapted to enhance your quiches, tarts, flans and pies, this white flan dish has been designed to respect the values that have been guiding Revol craftspeople for nearly 250 years.  Accompanying cooks and the finest chefs for more than two centuries, Revol endeavours to reinvent and transform porcelain, be it the flan dish or each of the pieces in the many different ranges. Discover all the quality and elegance of this noble and traditional material, more than ever adapted to the needs of today’s restaurants.

With Revol, the dish also becomes an element of enticement, so go on, be enticed!

Thanks to its culinary porcelain, this flan dish has proved to be extremely resistant, easily withstanding intensive use. Naturally, like all Revol pie dishes, it contributes to the perfect baking of all your tarts and quiches.  And these dishes will also transform into an authentic presentation dish for your flans and sweet or savoury pies, either on a buffet table or to enhance a refrigerated display. The Revol porcelain flan dish will soon become an essentiel dish for every service, practical, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Made in France
Material Porcelain
Capacity (oz) 6
Dimensions H. 1 x Ø 5 inch
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