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المورد : Revol Porcelain

Sorry! Our REVOL INDIVIDUAL SOUFFLE, PEPPER is currently sold out.

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An individual porcelain souffle dish by Revol, a unique design for an original presentation  

For almost 250 years, Revol’s craftspeople have preserved the tradition of French tableware, by placing porcelain on your tables and buffets. The renowned Revol brand and its porcelain ranges guarantee all the elegance and charm of this noble material while striving to adapt at all times. The search for new styles and the incessant work to reinvent porcelain allows you to choose a dinner service that is both traditional and contemporary, both resistant and elegant. You will find all Revol’s expertise in this individual souffle dish, a must-have for a polished presentation of the finest tables. As a chef, you spend time suggesting original souffle dishes, combining savours, so bring an individual touch by presenting them in this individual souffle dish, which will catch the eye of your guests even before tantalising the tastebuds.

Individual souffle dish to meet all your desires

Discover the natural strength of porcelain in this individual souffle dish. Finally, a design fit for intensive use, at (almost) every service. Your sense of detail and good taste should not be at the expense of comfort and convenience, so this individual souffle dish is oven safe to allow faster service and optimal presentation.  You only need to personalise your presentation by matching it to your decor and/or your porcelain dinnerware.  3 different colours to suit each and every chef, such is  the Revol Spirit !


Made in France
Material Porcelain
Capacity (oz) 5,75
Sold by 6, 12
Dimensions H. 2 x Ø 3,25 inch
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