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المورد : Revol Porcelain

Sorry! Our REVOL SOLSTICE BOWL - 12CL is currently sold out.

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One name, Revol, one range, Solstice, one bowl: tomorrow's tableware designed today

Revol ceramic's craftspeople gained inspiration from nature and the Universe to create the unique avant-garde effect of the Solstice bowl.  And ceramic remains more than ever the substance at the heart of tableware and fine dining. As each ceramic bowl is a unique creation, the Solstice range invites you to enhance the culinary experience offered to your guests, and every detail counts!

A range of ceramic bowls designed and created for the enjoyment and convenience of all chefs

  • The dimensions (8.8 cm in diameter and 4 cm high) of the 12 cl Solstice bowl will be perfect for serving appetizers and soups, but can also become a display stand for presenting your buffets and cocktails
  • Inspired by Nature and the Universe, the Solstice range reinvents ceramic so pick your voyage and invite your guests today
  • Black Moon, finesse enhanced by its contours, Cosmos Gold and Cosmos Platinum, subtle gold and silver light effects,   Sunrise Gold or Sunset Gold, all the assets of a reenchanted bowl with its glossy interior glaze and matt-brushed exterior and  Solar Storm, the range for highlighting every detail and showcasing Revol creativity.   Such is the Solstice bowl and its 6 different colours
  • Created and crafted by hand, the Solstice bowls, born from traditional workmanship,    impress by their colour, texture and contours as well as their irregular shape.  
  • Used as a bowl for serving starters or as a stand for enhancing your cocktail table, the stackable multi-size Solstice bowls were created to make everyday tasks more inspiring.
  • The Solstice Black Moon bowls are microwave resistant and all the bowls in the range are oven, grill, freezer and dishwasher safe.    
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