REVOL SWELL DINNER PLATE- 28.5 CM - Mabrook Hotel Supplies


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المورد : Revol Porcelain

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  • The sea, the power of the waves, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Revol artisans.™ÿLet us present the flat dinner plate from the Revol collection, a homage to everything that the sea evokes.
  • All of Revolƒ??s expertise in a flat dinner plate, that is wonderfully glossy; a subtle play of light and dark in an on-trend design that will light up tables.
  • A collection of flat dinner plates, designed to get back to the sophistication of beautifully set tables and to™ÿadd value to dinner services in all gourmet restaurants


Since 1768, Revol has designed tableware™ÿthat meets the expectations of chefs that want to™ÿelevate their most imaginative recipes. With this™ÿSwell collection, inspired by the world of the sea, Revol artisans have created flat dinner plates that are delicate and glossy at the same time, in elegant colours of White Sand, Black Sand or even Brown Sand. All of this means that you are free to play with convention and dare to mix up not only colours but also shapes. From™ÿthe square plate to the flat plate,™ÿdare to go right to the height of your desires by choosing flat dinner plates that will attract the attention of your guests and delight your kitchen staff as they are also™ÿfreezer, dishwasher and oven-proof.™ÿThese flat dinner plates evoke the sea, a unique opportunity to bring a breathe of fresh air to your decor.