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المورد : Revol Porcelain

Sorry! Our REVOL SWELL COUPE PLATE - 19 CM is currently sold out.

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  • A homage to the culinary riches of the sea, an invitation to set sail on an original voyage, thatƒ??s™ÿRevolƒ??s Swell collection
  • A bowl, that allows you to be daring and can be used for all your dinner services.™ÿThe bowl, a designer choice with a style all of itƒ??s own.
  • Black, white or brown, these are the inspired and inspiring shades™ÿthat promise to give you the power to personalise your table decoration, so go on, jump in toƒ?? the sea of course!

The black, completely enamelled, surface of this Revol bowl reflects all the™ÿexpertise of our artisans™ÿwho present to you a porcelain dinner service that stands out thanks to its™ÿsmooth and glossy finish. A subtle play of light shines out to remind you of the swell of the sea and you can have a choice of colours, from™ÿshades of black, white or brown™ÿeither for your bowls™ÿor for your other porcelain dishes. Set yourself free, dare to™ÿMix & Match™ÿand let the dancing colours of the surf create a unique atmosphere at your tables. Benefit also from the™ÿstrength of these bowls™ÿ(dishwasher and oven-proof and freezer-safe); use them every time you serve dinner and in this way elevate every table you set. All the rest is down to inspiration

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