Airtight Container Polypropylene GN 1/1

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المورد : Araven

Sorry! Our Airtight Container Polypropylene GN 1/1 is currently sold out.

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GN 1/1 h.100mm /4" 13,7 L./ 14,4 qt. Airtight containers, with their new lid design, preserve food better and for longer:

  • NEW IMPROVED AIRTIGHT SEAL. The new design of the double airtight lip on the lid improves the airtightness of the container so that it preserves food better.
  • INCREASES THE USEFUL LIFE OF FOOD. The lid has a channel that allows part of the air inside the container to be expelled, reducing the oxidation of food and prolonging its useful life by up to 25%* (*Study conducted by the Plant Origin foods Research Group of the University of Zaragoza).
  • EASY TO OPEN. The lid has a special tab to make it easy to open the container.

Araven’s new GastroNorm airtight containers also include new colorclips to help manage food and they feature improvements to the IML traceability label.


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