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Rubbermaid 40cm Aluminium Mop Head-Gray

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المورد : Rubbermaid

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Rubbermaid Aluminium Frame Mop Head with Velcro, 40 cm

This Rubbermaid HYGENƒ?? Aluminium Frame with Velcro is versatile and can be used with all Rubbermaid HYGENƒ?? 40 cm wet and dust mop heads.

It features rounded end caps designed to help protect furniture and walls, along with a special flat profile which makes it easy to slide underneath equipment or furniture.

Dust or wet mop head pads attach securely using removable hook-and-loop strips
Quick connect mechanism makes mop assembly fast and easy
Manufactured from lightweight aluminium ƒ?? safe for use in MRI rooms
Durable, nylon joint allows full motion for more efficient cleaning
Special trapezoidal shape improves cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, particularly corners

Attribute Value
Size 40cm
Material Aluminium
Colour Grey
Fitting Type Velcro
Trade Name Hygen
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