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المورد : Rubbermaid

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Rubbermaid FG638500GRAY Details

Keep your floors looking clean and tidy with the help of this Rubbermaid FG638500GRAY gray angle broom with 48" aluminum handle! This broom is great for reaching into corners and other hard-to-reach areas due to the angled shape of the bristles. Plus, the bristles are flagged at the tips, meaning that they are soft and frayed, which makes them a great choice for picking up dust and small debris on streets and sidewalks. They're permanently fused to the broom head to prevent them from getting pulled out or lost, meaning this broom will last and last.

This broom features a gray lightweight aluminum handle for added durability and resistance to breaking and wear to make sure it will last in your office, bar, or restaurant. The 48" handle length allows you to sweep comfortably without excessive bending or stooping, preventing fatigue. The bristles are also stain resistant, so no matter the kind of mess, this broom will be able to clean it up.

Dimensions: 26.67X23.62X3.81 cm

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