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Rubbermaid Round Flat Top Trash Can Lid - White

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Rubbermaid Round Flat Top Trash Can Lid - Plastic, White

BRUTE™? trash can lid is made of White, heavy-duty resin. It fits on a 10-gallon container and has a snap-lock feature that ensures a secure fit. It has built-in channels that reduce the buildup and pooling of water. Because of its seamless construction, the Rubbermaid trash can lid resists cracking, warping, crushing, and fading. It also has a UV inhibitor molded into its structure to withstand extreme environments. To maximize space, the lid has ridges, so it can be stacked.

Product Details

  • Part of the BRUTE series
  • Made of heavy-duty White resin
  • Fits on a 10-gal. BRUTE container
  • Snap-lock feature guarantees a secure fit
  • Seamless construction resists warping, cracking, fading, and crushing
  • UV inhibitor molded into structure to survive extreme environments
  • Built-in channels reduce still water buildup
  • Ridges support stacking to maximize space
  • Overall dimensions: 15.91 in. dia. x 1.78 in. H
  • NSF certified
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