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Sorry! Our CAMBRO, CAMCHILLER FULL SIZE - BLUE is currently sold out.

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Cambro CP1220159 Description

Keep your cold foods safely chilled even during transportation with the Cambro CP1220159 Camchiller® plate. This cold retention plate maintains the temperature of chilled foods during transport when it is placed into the top rails of your transporter. The plate can extend the cold holding time of your chilled food by four or more hours, and it can safely hold food below 41 degrees Fahrenheit when repeated access is required. Featuring a cold blue finish, this cold retention plate is designed to be used with front-loading, full-size pan carriers or carts. Two plates are recommended for each carrier. Because the Cambro CP1220159 Camchiller® plate cold retention plate is dishwasher safe, clean up is never a problem, and you can use it to pre-chill your pan carriers and maintain cold temperature freshness over and over.

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