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Cambro 1210PW191 Details

This Cambro 1210PW191 granite gray Camwarmer is perfect for extending the hot holding time of your Cambro food carrier. Easy-to-use, this warmer is designed to fit on the bottom of your food carrier. Simply heat the warmer in an oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes and then slide it into the cabinet cavity. Close the door for 20 minutes and then load your hot food above the warmer, and you're all set!

This Camwarmer will help keep food at a holding temperature above 140 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum food safety. Ideal for transporting and storing all of your hot food at catered events, this Camwarmer helps retain heat inside of your insulated carrier to extend the hot holding time beyond the typical 4 hours. With the added time, you have more flexibility as you transport food to and from different job sites and events. Plus, this Camwarmer eliminates the need to add a pan of hot water to heat your food carrier for a more efficient and convenient catering operation!

Dimensions: 33.6X27.6X3.9 cm

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