DEFROST KIT WHITE - 35 ltr - Mabrook Hotel Supplies


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المورد : Araven

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The use of™ÿgrills or perforated boxes in defrost processes avoids direct contact between exudate and food, reducing the risk of bacterial proliferation and maintaining™ÿfood organoleptic characteristics.

The new drain box kit is engineered to defrost faster. It allows liquid that comes out of food ƒ?? meet and fish specially- its way to the bottom through the wholes, avoiding its accumulation on the contact zone. For a faster defrost process, removing original packaging is recommended.™ÿFood will be placed inside the perforated box. Then this box will be fitted into the other box avoiding dripping and cross contamination of other food nearby.

Food should be covered with a lid™ÿto protect it and avoid potential contaminations.

Capacity: 35 ltr

Dimensions: 540x385x292 mm.

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