BALLARINI FIRENZE POT - š? 22 CM - Mabrook Hotel Supplies


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السعر العادي 8.950 KD

المورد : Ballarini

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Classic thicknesses, high-tech coatings: tradition is renewed.™ÿA rich and imaginative range, in various sizes and at the service of every type of cooking.™ÿTuscan dishes are the result of the balance of foods and patient care in mixing them.™ÿThe utensils, made of nylon and resistant to heat, can accompany the birth of a good dish, each according to its own function.The space-saving lids are equipped with an ingenious knob that closes perfectly to give the lid the bulk of a dish, facilitating stowage in the dishwasher and pantry.™ÿA true innovation made of silicone: the freshness-saving lid.™ÿWith light pressure it creates a vacuum effect and hermetically closes any pot.™ÿIt is ideal for cooking on the stove, in the traditional oven and in the microwave,™ÿbut also to stow food in the refrigerator and freezer.™ÿIt can be washed in the dishwasher, folded and rolled: it always returns to its original form.

Cortan™ÿ: Coating with application system with triple layer of non-stick surface.

Thermopoint™ÿ: Heat indicator, indicates the ideal temperature for cooking while saving energy.™ÿDevice present on products that require a very active use on the fire such as pans, tall pans and grills.

Ergonomic heat-insulating handle

Lid with vent™ÿ: Innovative system that eliminates the danger of condensation forming inside the lid, increasing its safety.

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