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المورد : Rubbermaid

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Rubbermaid FG611200YEL details

Safety is paramount in any commercial facility, and this bright yellow sign from Rubbermaid helps ensure that no one slips and falls when the floor is wet. Made of sturdy plastic and designed to fold-down to a thin panel, the sign is easy to set up in high-traffic areas. Plus, it's hard to miss! Not only is it bright yellow in color, it features bold, multi-lingual text that warns that the floor is wet and encourages caution. This sign is a must-have in any business!

Highly Visible

With a double sided design for optimal visibility, this a-frame sign's bright, yellow color and bold, black text and graphics make it easy to see and read from a distance. The caution warning messages are also imprinted in 3 languages, English, French, and Spanish, for effective communication across a broad range of customers or guests.

Durable & Unobtrusive

Made of durable plastic, this floor sign won't rust, corrode, or fade with extended use. Plus, it features a narrow body and plastic arm to allow for non-obstructive placement in a variety of locations.

Easy to Store

Once the floor is dry and clean, it can simply be folded for convenient storage and transport on a janitor cart. Ideal for schools, businesses, supermarkets, and healthcare facilities, this multi-lingual caution sign will help you effectively reduce liability and risk of injuries.

Dimensions: 66X27.9X63.5 cm

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