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Rubbermaid FGH24600GY00 Details

Your business deserves the best of the best, and with this Rubbermaid FGH24600GY00 Gripper 60" gray fiberglass wet mop handle, that's just what you'll get! This fiberglass mop handle is highly durable for long-lasting use at your restaurant, bar, gym, or office building. Use it to dust or to mop. The gray color allows for a color-coded system for reduced cross-contamination, improved organization and tracking, or a look that seamlessly blends in with your existing decor!

With this mop handle, you'll be able to quickly and easily mop or dust with a 5" headband mop head (sold separately) at the helm. The clamp-style handle attachment holds mops firmly between the jaws of the mop handle. This plastic handle attachment makes for quick changes when the time comes, too! The jaw style releases the mop head quickly and easily without having to touch the mop head. Use this mop handle to get into hard-to-reach places. The 60" long handle makes quick work of cleaning nearly any surface.

Length: 152.4 cm

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