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المورد : San Jamar

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San Jamar ML5000 Description

The San Jamar ML5000 glove is made of knit cotton with nitrile dots for gripping. It is heat resistant at temperatures as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds, and its knitted wrist provides a snug fit to keep the glove from coming off. This glove is machine washable and flexible for versatile use.

Product Details

  • Nitrile dots assist with gripping various equipment and products
  • Can withstand heat as high as 400 degrees F for 15 sec.
  • Cotton knit is comfortable and durable
  • Knitted wrist ensures the glove will not slide off accidentally
  • Machine washable

Hot Mill Glove, one-size fits all, temperature range: up to 400° (204° C) for 15 seconds, knitted wrist for tighter fit, grippy surface, heavy-duty, 100% cotton knit

San Jamar ML5000 Specifications

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