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Rubbermaid FG253200BLA Lobby Pro Plastic Upright Dust Pan with Cover

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The Rubbermaid 2532 Lobby Pro upright, black dustpan with cover is ideal for use in your hotel lobby, restaurant lobby, or banquet hall.

No need to bend down or carry debris at waist height thanks to this upright dustpan! Quickly contain and transport unsightly dirt and trash away from your customer facing areas without worrying that fine debris will blow out.


Durable Construction

Made from durable injection molded plastic, this upright lobby dust pan with cover will not stain, discolor, or absorb odors so you can use it time and time again!

Polished Look

Maintain the clean, polished look of your establishment by efficiently removing dirt and debris from view. The self-opening and closing lid conceals unsightly debris when you're not using the dust pan while also trapping the dirt and limiting noise during transportation.


Superior Mobility

The Lobby Pro features reliable rear wheels that improve wear resistance and provide additional mobility.


Built in Hook

The built-in handle hook allows for convenient hanging storage until the next use- ideal for utility closets and storage rooms!


Overall Dimensions:

  • Pan Length:12 3/4 Inches
  • Pan Width:11 1/4 Inches
  • Pan Height:5 Inches
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