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Rubbermaid FG9F4000RED details

While its thick layer of polyester insulation creates maximum thermal performance to keep your hot foods hot or cold foods cold during transportation, this bag's ample size makes it great for carrying a variety of other foods like wraps, subs, wings, strombolis, and side orders of french fries or mozzarella sticks. Both convenient and durable, this delivery bag is an ideal addition to sandwich shops and catering businesses.

Nylon Exterior

With a durable nylon exterior, this bag is built to withstand daily, fast-paced use and can easily be placed in the dishwasher at the end of a busy shift for fast, efficient cleaning.

Convenient Handles

The durable handles ensure that your employees have a good grip when carrying the loaded bag. They also make it easy to hang the bag out of the way for convenient storage.

Tight-Fitting Top

Not only do the end-loading, Velcro® strips create a secure closure and ensure quick packaging, but they also make it quick and easy for your employees to open the bag and retrieve the food.

Folds for Storage

When you need to store this bag away, it simply folds up to conserve space in your storage area.

Side Pockets

The side pockets are a great place to carry wrapped plastic flatware, straws, or condiments.

Clear Label Holder

The large content label holder provides optimal visibility of order tickets and receipts, allowing for quick identification of carrier contents.

Holds 15 Sandwiches

Designed to hold up to fifteen 12" sub sandwiches, this bag is versatile enough to be used for small pizzas, side dishes, beverages, and much more.

Thick Insulation

This delivery bag has a thick layer of polyester insulation for higher temperature retention to keep your hot foods hot or cold foods cold.


Capacity: 12 x 30cm long sandwiches
Dimensions: W30.48 x H30.48 x D38.1cm
Material: Polyester/Nylon