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The Rubbermaid Commercial Shelf Ingredient Bin with Scoop offers quick one-handed access while stacked and an integrated measuring tool that increases preparation efficiency, space optimization, and promotes food safety compliance.

  • The patent pending scoop hook system allows the scoop to be stored inside the bin and out of the product for quick access
  • Clear window allows contents of bin to be easily identified
  • Clasp secures lid on base to protect ingredient quality.
  • Industrial grade Structural Web construction ensures durability and has smooth surfaces to maintain cleanliness.
  • Scoop Included
  • NSF Certified

Keep frequently used ingredients close at hand with the Rubbermaid FG9G5800WHT 12.6 gallon/ 200 cup ProSave shelf ingredient bin. This ingredient bin also features a 2 cup measuring scoop so that you're never scrounging for one while trying to get ingredients. Its FIFO (first in, first out) barrier ensures proper food rotation to improve food quality. Internal scoop storage allows you to keep the scoop handy when you don't need it, while also complying with FDA Food Code 3-304.12 no matter what you're storing.