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السعر العادي 3.000 KD

المورد : Paderno

Sorry! Our PADERNO SPATULA 10 CM is currently sold out.

هل تريد أن يتم إعلامك عندما يصبح متاحًا مرة أخرى؟ ما عليك سوى تسجيل اهتمامك وسنرسل لك رسالة عندما تفعل ذلك

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Ideal for cooking meat, fish and vegetables on a grill or serving deep casseroles like lasagna

  • The wide beveled edge slides smoothly under food, for easy lifting, turning and transferring
  • It's also used to clean griddles and all flat surfaces, cutting down on unnecessary scraping time
  • Comfortable stay-cool handle to ensure a firm grip. Perfect for both professional and home use
  • Made of durable stainless steel with polypropylene handle. Dimensions 12x10 cm. Dishwasher-safe
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