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Cambro 1600ET503 Details

Cambro’s newest non-skid service tray is a stylish addition to every meal and drink service operation – the Epictread! Constructed with a molded-in, durable no-slip surface and sleek handles, this tray solution is outstanding for bars and hospitality service. Available in 6 bold colors, with personalization options on top and bottom, the Epictread stands out in brand value and statement. Stacking lugs ensure quick, hygienic drying, and perfect stacking. Safe for high heat commercial dishwashers, ensuring years of fast-paced, epic service! Choose an Epictread to make your tray service long lasting and unforgettable.

    • Ideal for drink and hospitality service
    • Designed with sleek handles for a safe grip
    • Durable, molded-in non-skid surface to protect glassware
    • Available in 6 bold colors
    • Personalization available
    • 2-year pro-rated warranty
    • Dishwasher safe
    • NSF Listed
    • Do not use with hot items over 190°F
    • Diameter: 43.6 cm
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